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Les nuits de Mashhad Femicide is a system supported gender crime

Zara Amir’s performance is too good, in the murderer’s home toilet to prepare recording equipment, knife, and nervous and scared breathing disorder, the face muscles shaking uncontrollably is too real, off the screen I do not dare to breathe aloud, with this scene of the Cannes Film Festival deserved.

To God’s will to “clean up the streets” and kill 16 women, extreme cruelty extreme horror extreme male power.

The funny thing is that the criminals were caught because of the persistent efforts of female investigative journalists, the killer is so arrogant that no one pays attention to the newspaper every time they call after dumping the bodies. Female journalists do not give up, but male colleagues, male police officers, male politicians have discouraged her, the press conference is to have the face to say that the police’s hard work, what can not do to grab credit for the first place, set aside the global are applicable. The murderer of the prostitute won the support of the whole community, and it is ironic that he became a hero for his evil deeds. Even the wife of the murderer thinks that her husband is doing a righteous act, showing clearly what is the system of crime and what is the iron fist of the system and what is the ghosts running around. The son’s change of heart from disbelieving his father’s crime to the son of a hero is more visible than the crime is more terrible and insurmountable is the creation of God, brainwashing, the father does not necessarily want his son to become the next himself, but the patriarchal power does not allow, the hero to have a successor, especially a short-lived and controversial hero, the male power of dreaming can be seen.

I was most surprised by the arrangement in the film is clearly the hero has been met that he will be released in the end, everything is a process, but in the end really put him to death. From the official perfunctory, biased to the case, I was convinced that he would be secretly released, after all, male to male and also involved in the divine will, so the film from the secret talks to the fake whipping of the bridge is completely expected, the final knot was hanged rather unexpectedly. After watching and thinking there may be two reasons, one is to prepare to covert operation did not expect the heroine to go to the scene to watch the execution, even if you can not enter the torture chamber, but from the second floor of the glass can also see the inability to do fake so only real death; second is the film is said to change the government, from the moment the hero was deified has been used as a political bargaining chip on the chessboard, he died he lived all depends on the game of religion and government, and at the moment he needs to die.

There are many episodes in the film that show how women as a second sex are ignored and belittled: for example, the sexual harassment around the heroine, and then for example, the heroine in the hotel check-in because she is a single woman even with a reservation can not be until the press card, but also be reminded to bring a good hijab. The hijab is a tool for criminals to kill and a symbol of women being bound and suppressed. The third prostitute killed, into the door of the man’s house first to go to the bathroom to take off the robe to take off the hijab, frivolous words and not as silent and formal as the previous ones, which makes the man a little panicked do not know how to respond to the tease also do not know what to take to kill her, in the kitchen to find a knife to find a hammer do not feel right, decided to strangle her empty-handed, but because of the other side of the voluptuous body did not succeed in a blow, and even be hit back a few times.

Headscarf is a woman’s shackles, when a woman without shackles men will be at a loss will be unable to do anything, and this shackle can only be taken off by the woman herself. The aesthetic standard of thinness under the male gaze angle is also an outright lie, leading women to weaken themselves, in the already disparate body type to further pull the ambassador man strength to achieve easy suppression to further consolidate the first sex position, and agree to obey the male gaze standard is another psycho-spiritual domination. The thin body in the moment of life how unbearable, look at the Itaewon stampede in the proportion of women to look at the social news female victims and then look at the scene of the killing of women in this film is enough to make people creepy.

Many people commented that the social significance of this film is greater than the film, what is straight to no suspenseful horror atmosphere, attention to the film and television blog even gave two stars, which closed eyes to say that the years are quiet hypnotic ability I admire. Personally, I think the film with the de-suspense technique to create a more horrific atmosphere, it is a documentary-like genre, the actor’s solid performance and the way the film camera switches, I even thought I was witnessing reality, the first half has been Bing breathing because each killing scene is too real, there is always a close-up of the face of the woman killed as if the killer killed someone and then shot a video, too horrible. The second half of the courtroom, the interview with the female protagonist, the secret talk in the cell and the final release of the Ali interview video are too much like the presentation of the documentary, which brings a sense of reality to the movie thriller plus double.

Not to mention the reality of Iran far exceeds the horror of the film, the significance of this film to Iranian women to the world of women and how can be measured by a few stars rating system.

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