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Prag Reasons for Christopher’s failure

This movie, if viewed from the so-called normal perspective, Uncle Mak as a husband, as a law firm owner, merit and fame, seems to be the head of the family. But to look at it the other way around, from a family perspective, his daughter-in-law is the head of the family.

First of all, his daughter-in-law is a researcher of art history, either a teacher or an academic, financially independent, and not too concerned about Uncle Mak’s boasting of his business success. Secondly, Maizi is always with work, everything at home is taken care of by his wife, and his wife can still keep so beautiful, indicating excellent management skills. Third, Uncle Mak like a tantrum child, is gambling, just do not say what they want, his father is indeed wrong, 25 years without meeting, but you, the son knows that his father is alive and living in the Czech Republic, you can not often visit him? Especially since he is not a villain that no one wants to mention, didn’t Mak say that his mother mentioned his father is full of tenderness and love all his life, such a contrast, Mak is not curious to ask in person the reason why his father left? So, he also has a problem, a big problem.

Back to the matter of his wife cheating on him. The wife said that she met the Michael six months ago, and then the wife said she was pregnant. Michael asks: Whose baby is it? The wife said: do you think? Mak’s expression is very sure: it is Michael’s. Now I just see, Nima, you a husband, half a year did not touch the daughter-in-law, most likely several years have not touched, not with you to make trouble is called evil, and no reason not to touch the daughter-in-law, just do not say why. This is too terrible.

In addition, Uncle Michael twice in the hotel to open the boat, are a position, and a bit of force, this thing happened after Michael revealed his wife cheating, a bit of a competition contest meaning, is my work good, or Michael’s work good? There is also the meaning of swearing sovereignty. But this is too strange, between husband and wife, and not to race, but you have needs you say, I have needs I also say, we discuss this thing to do, the relationship continues to be cordial …… in fact, the park quarrel, the wife has been in the gas words picked out: my sucking kung fu first-class, can make you feel good for hours. You wheat is not the normal posture force is not a little psychological barrier because of fear simply do not do, you just have to say it, what can not meet you? You take advantage of the slope to say well, since you are so strong, tonight can not I also shaved the hair we try? You have to choke and quarrel, is it interesting?

The wheat called room service, ordered a table of wine, want to engage in bluffing openness, said, how old I am what my profession what I have hobbies, daughter-in-law listened to the sly sentence: I knew you had no guts. At that time I also wondered, nothing gutsy, then I understood, he did not have the guts to say his true emotional needs, what kind of comfort he needs, how to comfort, did not ask the daughter-in-law what you need are comfort, how to meet you. The couple spoke behind closed doors, wheat like in a job application for middle management cadres to do a minute to introduce themselves. Denmark is not a developing country bitterness, worrying about not working hard today and starving tomorrow, we are more concerned about how to live well. Why do you Maizi make so much money by setting up a law firm? He is two years older than his daughter-in-law, look at the character, the year should be the initiative to chase the beautiful character of his daughter-in-law, then this daughter-in-law must not run to his ability to make money to go, so you wheat obviously took the road forked, make the wrong effort, how about pregnancy, you finally did not say I love you? This means that you are not discouraged and broken, when you decisively say out, the child no matter whose, born to count us both, daughter-in-law I will always love you, not anything is not?

In fact, the father took in the mother and daughter, the father of the gay people on the lover of the reluctant farewell, as well as the mother’s comments, has proved that the father is actually a very good person, the most critical point is through the Czech singer said, he invested in a lot of business, are not much money, that is to tell the wheat, a good person is not necessary to career success. How do you have a little association and reflective ability to ask yourself, the daughter-in-law did cheat, but leaving aside the cheating thing, the daughter-in-law is not a good person? What about yourself? What advantages do you have in addition to making money to buy a big house, as a husband does not cheat or break the law? Your own son to the video can not say what you have worth a chat, still do not reflect? Still not remedy? You swore that you would never destroy the family, never let the father and son separated, but the fact is, the probability of divorce son to the wife, is not still separated?

It is indeed so difficult to be a human being, either bend or fold. So are you going to bend, or fold it?

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